2023 All Hands Whatcom Opioid Summit- June 27 & 28

We have an opportunity to address the epidemic of drug use in Whatcom County – and that is our call for all hands on deck, as everyone is needed to build a robust community response to prevent, intervene, treat, and provider recovery support for those who have been impacted by substance use disorders.

We invite you to join us as for these community discussions at a series of related events this summer: the first annual All Hands WhatcomOpioid Summit (June 27+28) and An Evening with Author Sam Quinones (August 1).

As the opioid epidemic continues and the devastating consequences of Fentanyl spread, our community must come together to expand prevention, support healing, and cultivate a community of care. All Hands is the call to our community that we need everyone on board to navigate this storm. This year’s focus is on how we can respond to and address the opioid crisis. Each of us has a role to play in creating the continuum of care and response needed – from prevention, to intervention, treatment, to living in recovery. When we share what we’re seeing from each sector and individual’s perspective, we can start to build community solutions that are lasting, effective, and that will save lives.

All Hands Whatcom events are planned for June and August 2023. The June Opioid Summit will combine both professional development opportunities for providers and multi-disciplinary strategy sessions to identify opportunity for local service enhancement, policy action, and will inform local resources planning processes.

Registration and other information can be found here: https://www.chuckanuthealthfoundation.org/allhands